Change is coming...


Who We AreAbout us

We are a political coalition formed by the common people in Bcharre, Zgharta, Koura and Batroun

We have witnessed the policies of failure, disaster and systematic corruption in the political and economic management of the country.
Therefore we have decided to confront the governing ‘System’ and all the affiliated political parties in power, in order to restore a healthy political life to our society and to practice politics both professionally and responsibly.
We are carrying out a project of real change that we share with all our people to create a country where decent life, wealth and solidarity thrive.

Our Principles


We believe in the utmost importance of the concept of freedom. And we uphold personal and public freedoms, including freedom of belief, thought and expression of own’s opinion. However, we believe that respect for others is also a dire necessity to maintain a healthy society.



 We believe citizenship is built by strengthening the relationship between the citizens and their homeland by obtaining their rights and fulfilling their obligations, and by promoting a sense of patriotism.


Democracy and Accountability

The people are the source of authority and the origin of legitimacy of the governing bodies. They have the right to exercise their role through elections that must be periodic and transparent, and to ensure accountability.



 We believe that sovereignty is the most comprehensive expression of the State’s authority and responsibility to assume all responsibilities, including the preservation of borders, the maintenance of the Constitution, the application of law and the exclusivity of arms.


The Nonviolent Struggle

We are a people that loves life and rejects violence and knows that our strength lies in our diversity which represents Lebanon’s distinctive culture across the world.