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ZghartaGistelle Raymond Semaan

Licensed with real estate development, consultant and business pioneer.

The Lebanese Diaspora has much more to give than money, we have the culture, expertise and the fresh eye to solve the issues

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From the town of Mejlaya, Zgharta district, certified in international business administration, licensed with real estate development, consultant and business pioneer.

She has worked in real estate development achieved remarkable successes, of which the implementation of successful private projects.

She is a well-known social activist, with various initiatives in Lebanon and abroad, especially after the port of Beirut explosion.

She has followed closely political, legal and strategic matters, as well as social affairs, without prejudice to any political party.

She was one of the first to take to the streets on 17 March, where she called for rights, sovereignty and justice.

She believes that the success of what the Lebanese people started in 2019 should be filled with the ballot box in 2022.

Majored in Political Science

Law School and Civil Rights Attorney

Director of the Communities Project

Deputy Attorney General