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How to register to vote in the Primaries?


What to Prepare?

Your Lebanese ID or Passport

Your Phone Number

Your Email Address


How to register?

Go to to start the registration process.

Fill in your details as requested on the page.

Add your phone number and email.

You will then receive a verification code on your mobile phone.

Enter the code, and you will get a confirmation page that your registration was successful.

Before elections, you will receive an email and text message on how to vote.



10th January 2022Official Primary Elections Launch

The launch event will happen in Osos Office, Zgharta at 11:30 AM. During the event, we will kick off and explain the process of the elections.تسجيل-طلبات-المرشحين.png

From the 10th until the 26th of January 2022Candidates Registration / Applications

During this time, interested candidates can submit their candidacies to run in the primary elections in their respective district.تسجيل-الناخبين.png

January 9th until February 20thVoter Registration

Interested voters are invited to register to vote during this timeframe on the website.اطلاق-الحملات-الانتخابية-1.png

January 27thKick-off of electoral campaignsلقاءات-مع-لمرشحين.png

February 12, 13Meet and Greets

Meet your favorite candidates live and discuss their electoral program.

February 19thDebates

Watch the primary elections candidates discuss their plans and vision.

February 27thElection Day

Primary Elections

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can vote in the primaries?
  • All Voters from any of the four districts (Batroun, Bcharre, Koura, Zgharta) can vote for the primaries, on the following conditions:
    • Their name must be on the official electoral lists released from the ministry of interior for the 2022 elections
    • Register to vote on the website before the registration deadline using their phone number and email

    Protocols will be in place to ensure safe and secure elections, control sabotage, and have fair and accurate results.

How can I register to vote?

An invitation for all voters to register to vote will be published on Shamaluna social media outlets. Registration will remain open until 1 week before elections!

  • Each voter will electronically fill in a voting registration form to express their interest in taking part in the elections — this includes providing their phone number to ensure security of the voting process.
  • Once registered, each voter will receive a confirmation email that their registration was successful.

The Governance Committee has the right to refuse voter applications for a period of 48 hours after the registration period is closed to ensure fraud is minimized.

Who manages the primaries?
  • Shamaluna, the North district III electoral alliance will initiate and execute the primary elections.After the primaries Launch, governance committees from each district will be managing all activities related to the primaries in their respective district. The governance committees will make sure that the election process runs in a smooth, fair and objective manner.
Who can run for the primaries?

There are 3 different ways for candidates to run for the primaries: 

  • Members from the Shamaluna coalition’s groups in each district can submit their candidacy directly to the committee.
  • Members of the coalition groups can nominate individuals they see fit to represent them. The potential candidate needs at least 3 nominations and must fit the set criteria.
  • The coalition can invite candidates from similar opposition groups or independent candidates to take part in the primaries
What to expect during the primaries?

After the launch, the following activities will follow:

  • A call for supporters of change in the four districts to register to vote in the primaries
  • Candidates will be presented to the public during public debates and discussion panels that will be broadcasted on all our social media platforms. This will allow the voters to identify the strong candidates who will be representing them in the parliamentary elections.
Who will monitor the elections?

The primaries’ governance committees will be formed in each of the 4 districts and will include 4 members. LADE is also represented as a 5th monitoring member. Committees will have the following tasks:

  • Observe the campaigns and make sure no breaches are taking place (bribing or others).
  • Votes count will happen via an automated software designed for the voting system set by the bylaws’.
  • Release the results and publish them
Conflict Resolution Committee

The process also includes a conflict resolution committee. The coalition designates the four members of this committee; these should not be members of any of the groups and be respected individuals from each district that are well known for their objectivity. The conflict committee will oversee the decisions rendered by the governance committees if it receives appeals or appeals from candidates.